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What people are saying...

What people are saying...

From a Spiritual Direction Day Retreat

So happy to have gone through this exercise. 

Step out of my comfort zone. 

Virginia, you have found your space! ❤

Fantastic day, fantastic leader.

It was difficult but rewarding.

It was worthwhile. It makes the scriptures more personal to me. Excellent. I always could start the thought process and was surprised where it led me.


My experience on this retreat was a cleansing one. It was a time releasing the baggage I thought I had already dealt with. Imagination in scriptures was great because it allowed me to feel closer to Jesus and the other characters in the stories.

Overall, I love the way we are taking scripture to really get into touch with our feelings whether or not they are good or bad, and this is helping us to reflect on our relationships with others as well as with God.

Can help you put it in perspective.

I love you Virginia.

Learned so much!

Yes, Once I got into the idea I liked it. [did you enjoy using your imagination in approaching scripture?]

So thankful for you Virginia! 😁

From a former directee:

It is amazing how many people’s hearts you carry and help bring closer to God.